Beardo Wipeout Soap (Pack Of 3)

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Beardo Selling Wipeout Soap (Pack of 3) at Offer Price Rs.399

Product Details
Bar the germs

You ought to maintain  complete hygiene and for that you need something more than a regular soap. You need Beardo Wipe Out Soap for men which is Beardo’s best germ protect soap. It gives you an instant rejuvenation along with a thorough cleanse. It is formulated using combination of Neem and Aloe vera extracts which are trusted for their antibacterial and soothing properties. These natural ingredients don’t just eliminate dirt and germs but also remove odor creating bacteria that clings to your sweat. Moreover, its rich foaming action is gentle to use daily to give you a fresh feeling not just while you’re in the shower, but long after the wash as well.

Beardo Wipe Out Soap is not your regular bathing bar, it is carefully created by keeping men's skin in mind. Men sweat more and therefore they are prone to nasty body odour, while other soaps may remove odour but also rip off skin’s moisture. Beardo Wipe Out Soap contains natural oils like Coconut and Castor oil that hydrate your skin and keep it soft. It wipes out bacteria & germs without drying out your skin. Use Beardo Wipe Soap daily to get protection and freshness throughout the day.

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