What is Smart Search?
Smart Search is a digital enabled Sale by Big Bazaar where customers can get great offers and deals on quality products

How do I avail this discount/Offer?
Smart Search offers can be availed by simply visiting Google Search on 2nd of February, & type Big Bazaar followed by the product/category (Eg: Big Bazaar fashion , Big Bazaar grocery, Big Bazaar Dinner set) click on the offer ad and register with us and get a offer code/coupon via SMS and Email and visit your nearest Big Bazaar store to avail the offer on 3rd & 4th February

Are Smart Search offers available to buy online?
No. Smart Search Offers would only be available at a Big Bazaar store near you on 3rd & 4th February. However, you need to avail the coupon by searching Big Bazaar + your favourite product (eg: Big bazaar cooker, Big Bazaar trolley etc) on Google to get the exclusive offer.

Can I use Gift Voucher to shop?
Yes, Gift Vouchers can be used for shopping but the vouchers would have to be valid Big Bazaar/fbb Gift vouchers.

For how many days is Smart Search valid?
Smart Search offers and coupons can be availed through searching on Google on 2nd February only and the offers can be redeemed at Big Bazaar stores across India on 3rd & 4th February.

What if I am unable to visit Big Bazaar on 3rd & 4th February?
The coupon code is needed to avail the offer at the store. Any of your friends and family can redeem it for you if you share your coupon code received by SMS.

How many offers can I avail at a time?
Only one offer can be availed for each phone number/ email address that you register with.

Can my registration details be found with my contact number as I do not have access to my SMS/Emails?
Offers can only be redeemed using the coupon code shared to you on your registered number/email.

What kind of discounts can I get?
Discounts can be availed on multiple categories and products during the sale. Please search on google with Big bazaar followed by the product/category for all our offers.

If I face any issue during the Offer redemption, what should I do?
Please write to us or meet the Store Karta directly for any issues. Big Bazaar family is always ready to serve you.