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Bikaji Rasgulla Tin 1.25kg: A Taste Of Bengal In A Convenient Package

Worth Rs.250 at Offer Price Rs.149

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Bikaji Rasgulla Tin 1.25kg offers a delightful indulgence for those who love the soft, fluffy, and juicy Bengali sweet. This product combines traditional Bengali Rasgulla with Bikaji's expertise, resulting in a delicious and convenient treat.

What are Bikaji Rasgullas?

Bikaji Rasgullas are dumplings made from chena (cottage cheese) cooked in a light sugar syrup flavored with rosewater. The chena is kneaded into balls, boiled, and then soaked in the syrup. This process creates a spongy texture with a burst of sweetness in every bite.

Bikaji's Take on a Classic

Bikaji sources fresh milk daily from local dairies to ensure the best quality ingredients for their Rasgullas. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures consistent quality and hygiene. The Rasgullas are then packed in a sealed tin can, preserving their freshness and making them perfect for any occasion.

Benefits of Bikaji Rasgulla Tin 1.25kg

  • Large Quantity: Ideal for sharing with family and friends or enjoying over several days.
  • Convenience: The tin can format makes storage and transportation easy.
  • Freshness: Sealed packaging ensures the Rasgullas retain their delightful flavor and texture.
  • Quality Ingredients: Made with fresh milk and traditional methods.
  • Authentic Taste: Captures the essence of Bengali Rasgullas with a touch of Bikaji magic.

Who Should Buy Bikaji Rasgulla Tin 1.25kg?

  • Lovers of Rasgullas: This product is perfect for those who appreciate the classic Bengali sweet.
  • Large Families: The large quantity makes it ideal for families or gatherings.
  • Those Looking for Convenience: The tin can packaging is perfect for storing and transporting the Rasgullas.
  • People Who Appreciate Quality: Bikaji's commitment to fresh ingredients and traditional methods ensures a delicious and authentic product.
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Q: What are the ingredients in Bikaji Rasgullas?

A: Bikaji Rasgullas are made with chena (cottage cheese), sugar, rosewater, and milk.

Q: Are Bikaji Rasgullas authentic Bengali Rasgullas?

A: Bikaji Rasgullas are inspired by traditional Bengali Rasgullas. They use similar ingredients and methods but may have slight variations specific to Bikaji's recipe.

Q: How long do Bikaji Rasgullas stay fresh in the tin can?

A: The exact shelf life will be printed on the tin can, but it is generally several weeks or months. It's important to store the unopened can in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate the Rasgullas and consume them within a few days.

Q: Can I freeze Bikaji Rasgullas?

A: Yes, you can freeze Bikaji Rasgullas in the syrup for up to 2 months. However, freezing may slightly alter the texture.

Q: What other flavors of Rasgullas does Bikaji offer?

A: Bikaji may offer other flavors of Rasgullas depending on their product line. You can check their website or local stores for availability.

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