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Fire-Boltt Blizzard BSW087 Smartwatch With Bluetooth Calling HD Display, IP67 Water Resistant

Worth Rs.19,999 at Offer Price Rs.2511

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Product Details
1. Fire-Boltt Blizzard is a pure luxury smartwatch made with Stainless Steel featuring a rotating crown & High Technology Ceramic
2. 1.28" Display packed with Bluetooth Calling functions, with built in mic & speaker | AI Voice Assistant & 120 Sports Modes | Built In Games
3.Best In Class Design - Fire-Boltt Blizzard comes with 3 buttons, 1 with a rotating crown having anti-corrosion properties and the other 2 are push buttons
4.Complete Health Tracking - With luxury comes health, Fire-Boltt Blizzard has you covered while it tracks SpO2, Heart Rate & monitors Sleep | Water Resistant with IP67 Rating
With Call Function
Fitness & Outdoor, Health & Medical, Watchphone

The Fire-Boltt Blizzard 1.28" Luxury Smartwatch is a masterpiece of design and technology, exuding pure luxury with its exquisite Stainless Steel body and innovative features. This timepiece boasts a 1.28" display that not only provides a stunning visual experience but also comes with Bluetooth Calling functionality, allowing users to make and receive calls directly from their wrist. The watch is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, enabling seamless communication without the need for a smartphone.

Beyond its communication prowess, the Fire-Boltt Blizzard offers an array of cutting-edge capabilities that make it stand out in the smartwatch market. It comes with an AI Voice Assistant, empowering users to perform various tasks and access information using voice commands. Additionally, the watch caters to fitness enthusiasts with an impressive 120 Sports Modes, ensuring it caters to a wide range of physical activities and exercise routines. For those who enjoy some entertainment on the go, the watch even comes with built-in games to keep users entertained.

The design of the Fire-Boltt Blizzard is a true marvel, featuring three buttons that enhance usability. One of these buttons is a rotating crown made from High Technology Ceramic, possessing anti-corrosion properties, adding a touch of elegance while providing convenient navigation. The other two buttons serve as push buttons, offering further ease of interaction with the watch's functions.

Not just a stylish accessory, the Fire-Boltt Blizzard prioritizes the user's health and well-being. The watch incorporates comprehensive health tracking features, including SpO2 monitoring to measure blood oxygen levels, Heart Rate monitoring to keep track of cardiovascular health, and Sleep monitoring to analyze sleep patterns and provide insights for better rest. Additionally, the watch boasts an IP67 rating, making it water-resistant and ensuring its durability in various daily activities and outdoor adventures.

In summary, the Fire-Boltt Blizzard Luxury Smartwatch with BT Calling epitomizes sophistication and advanced technology. With its state-of-the-art design, Bluetooth calling capability, AI Voice Assistant, and extensive health tracking features, this watch caters to individuals seeking a perfect blend of style, convenience, and fitness functionality. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or someone who values impeccable aesthetics, the Fire-Boltt Blizzard is the ideal companion for a seamless and luxurious lifestyle.

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