Wise Care 365 Pro PC Optimization Software Worth $29 Free For 1 Year

How To Get? (Follow Steps)

  1. Visit Here
  2. Download the Software on Windows PC or Laptops
  3. Run the Pre-Activated Installer (which Doesn’t Need Any License Code) and Complete the Installation Process.
  4. Once Done Enjoy the Software for Free

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WiseCare Offering Wise Care 365 Pro PC Optimization Software Worth $29 Free For 1 Year

Wise Care 365 Features and Working:
The software dashboard has five tabs: PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tune-up, Privacy Protector, and System Monitor.

In the PC Checkup tab, you can scan your computer for junk files, crash logs, and other digital leftovers.

The System Cleaner tab lets you view and delete unnecessary Registry clutter.

Through the Privacy Protector tab, you can scan for security risks, and you will find privacy-protecting utilities such as File Shredder, Disk Eraser, and Password Generator.

The Fifth tab, System Monitor displays the process running on your system.

It displays your Computer hardware information such as the model of your system’s graphics card, processor, hard drive, memory,e.t.c.

PC Checkup and System Tuneup are probably the two sections you will use most.

The module scans and lists your PC’s ‘useless files’ (mostly program files), lets you delete the junk and gives your PC a Health Index score.

The PC Checkup tab opens by default,

click ‘Check-Up Now’ to scan for obsolete Windows files, invalid shortcuts, and other PC junk.

The scan takes a couple of minutes, click the ‘Fix’ button to remove “useless files” from your PC.

Your PC Health Index score will increase immediately.

Move on to the other tabs to boost your score even further. The System Cleaner tab reveals which programs and files are clogging your computer’s Registry.

You must back up your system before running System Cleaner.

The system tune-up section lets you disable the annoying Windows process. The System tune-up tab reveals which settings are slowing down your PC.

UN-tick any settings that you want to keep, and click the ‘Optimize’ button to clear all the rest.


Overall, Wise Care 365 Pro is a brilliant tool for cleaning and speeding up your PC, with this you can remove hidden junk, backup all your files, and disable annoying processes.

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