SEPHORA COLLECTION The Charcoal Kit (Limited Edition)

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NNNow Selling SEPHORA COLLECTION The Charcoal Kit (Limited Edition) at Offer Price Rs.750

Product Details
What it is
Three charcoal skincare products with antioxidant properties for radiant skin.

What it does
Boasting a charcoal face mask, a charcoal nose strip and a charcoal exfoliating cream, these skincare goodies aim to minimize pores and eliminate blackheads. The antioxidant formulas are at the forefront of beauty technology, utilizing well-known super ingredients for skin that's the very best it can possibly be. Use all three in conjunction for a dose of healthy radiance!

Suggested usage
Scrub your face using the exfoliating cream, then remove blackheads with the nose strip.
Finally, apply the charcoal mask to refine the skin's texture.

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