Zero To One Paperback (English) 2014

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Zero to One is one of those books that is so practical and rational that one must read when business is on their mind. Peter Thiel has refreshing ideas to inspire entrepreneurs in this book. Do you want to build a business that has no stagnation? This book is just what every entrepreneur needs.
The book, ‘Zero to one’ by Peter Theil is a must-read for all believers and dreamers. It has all the secrets to a successful business. The author describes how we are stuck with technology and, even as IT has seen progressive growth, he tells us why we need to think beyond shiny mobile phones and the Silicon Valley. He thinks that every leader can master their business if they know how to learn to think for themselves.
He feels that we have a tendency to re-do what has already been done before and thus we tend to get stuck with our thoughts. In order to be successful in any field, one must think new. Thinking about something fresh and new sets a business apart from everybody else’s. He believes that success happens only when one thinks of new possibilities. Order the book on Snapdeal today to get the edition.
About the Author:- Peter Thiel is an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist, hedge fund manager, and social critic. He is the co-founder of Planter and is now the chairman of the company.
Book Details:-
Masters, Blake,Thiel, Peter
ISBN13: 9780753555194
ISBN10: 0753555190
Author: Masters, Blake,Thiel, Peter
Publisher: Crown Business
Publishing year: 16th September, 2014.
No. of pages:224
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Category: Business

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